About Us

Company History

PolyOptimum grew from the rich soil of California’s Silicon Valley in 1986 to program workforce management software for health and human services organizations, with our first US client in 1986 and first Australian client in 1988. Our software evolves and adapts to changes in technology and workforce management practices.

We’re big enough to build and maintain enterprise wide e-scheduling,                  
but small enough to provide personalised attention and support.
Our Focus
  • We specialise in scheduling for an enterprise-wide workforce, along with volunteers who contribute to your service delivery.
  • We accommodate large organisations that work 24/7 with a mix of staff, skills and capabilities, as well as small facilities across broad geographic areas.
  • Our powerful and flexible interface engine can exchange data with your existing systems so you can stay with what you have as long as you need or transition to new systems with minimal pain.
  • We capture the most extensive range of data for reporting labour hours, FTEs and costs – retrospectively, real-time and prospectively.
  • We hold a wealth of data that shows how you’re doing in overview with online drill-down to see the source and reason for any problems.

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