The backbone system configuration, security setup and maintenance, user-definable staff database, optimised rostering, global staffing, SMS/text messaging, violation checking, electronic timesheet sign-off, roster simulation and extensive reporting tools.
The web-based version of ProAct with staff database, rostering, violation checking, SMS/text messaging, staffing, task assignment, electronic timesheet sign-off and basic reporting.
Tools to communicate with and engage your employees and volunteers via mobile devices. You pick options available to staff, from roster requests and shift swaps, capturing availability, posting and filling staffing gaps, recording overtime, call-backs to confirming timesheets.
Analytics Portal
Graphic depictions of Staffing Patterns, Absenteeism, Compliance with Mandatory Requirements. The software includes a Portal Viewer that users access to display analytics and a Designer that PolyOptimum uses to create the portal.
KPI Dashboards
A snapshot view of workforce performance, with graphs, trends and stoplights measured against user-defined targets to highlight problem areas. Drill down reports focus in on specific staff who contributed to off target performance.
ProAct's Interface Engine
The sophisticated gateway for exchange of data between ProAct and your current (and future) information systems such as HR, Payroll, Clinical, Financial and Data Warehouses.