• Cost Conscious Rostering
Rostering is key to the employee experience and to achieving the organisation’s goals. The pandemic has shown us who can work from home, who can care for patients remotely and who needs to be physically with the patient. Rostering has to be flexible to plan who and where services are provided. The need to flex up and down has intensified as COVID strains surge and wane, whilst maintaining transparency throughout the process.

Flexibility is critical when pressures on individuals and families are intensified with an unpredictable pandemic. Our system balances labour costs with staff preferences using a variety of methods, from simple to highly complex rosters.

  • Accommodates any conceivable shift length and starting time.
  • Supports patterns such as terms for interns and residents, cyclical rosters, templates, on-call and optimised rosters.
  • Provides flexible, configurable rollups of multiple groups and departments for a helicopter view of planned & actual rosters.
  • Totals for a range of factors - numbers, role, skill mix, coverage of special capabilities, gender, and more…
  • Allows configurable roster rules and checks for violation of those rules and award conditions.
  • Calculates costs before the roster is posted and as it is worked.
  • Staffing & Pool Management
We provide a global view of actual staffing by unit, position/classification and skill, customizable to the needs of your departments.

  • Staffing gaps (open shifts) that adjust real-time with sick calls, shift swaps, staff movements, etc.
  • Flexible filters to identify staff who can fill the gaps.
  • Tracking of relief pools, available part-timers, agency and locum staff.
  • Online communication with staff by text messaging, email, and employee self-service.
  • Capture of the reasons that events occurred for analysis and trending by day of week.
  • Self-Service
Give your employees access to their rosters where and when they need it. Manage your casual pool, engage your workforce and volunteers as partners in the rostering process, and eliminate labour and paper intensive, manual processes. Accessed at home or work via smart phones, tablets, laptops or workstations, staff can:
  • Enter requests for shifts and shift swaps.
  • Self-roster while viewing the requests of team members.
  • Check accrual balances before requesting leave.
  • View staffing gaps (open shifts).
  • Update availability for extra shifts to fill the gaps.
  • View and confirm their timesheets
  • Edit their timesheets, adjusting times, hours, location, details such as medical record numbers when staff are called in to care for specific patients.
  • Record changes such as overtime and call-backs.
Adjustments to the planned roster can be captured in a variety of ways:

  • Biometrics with user-definable warnings for differences between clocked and rostered times.
  • Web check in and out via smart phones, when biometric devices are not available (or prove too costly).
  • Drag and drop staff to record movements between departments.
  • Electronic sign-off of employee requests for shift swaps, extra shifts.
  • Employee entry via smart phones for overtime, call-backs for on-call staff.
  • Manager/staffer adjustments to rosters; copy adjustments to multiple days.
  • Payroll & Award Interpretation
Our system excels at accommodating and overcoming the capabilities and constraints of payroll systems, becoming the Gold Standard for interfacing with Human Capital Management Systems.

The payroll function includes audited electronic sign-off and sophisticated, reliable payroll feeds with options for:

  • Detailed or consolidated award interpreted data
  • Raw roster data when your payroll system performs its own award interpretation.
  • Electronic timesheets
  • Adjustments for unlimited past periods and compared to previously submitted payroll data.
  • Analytics Portal
We offer a Portal Designer that is accessed by PolyOptimum to create and maintain graphic displays, and a Portal Viewer where users can access displays of:
  • Staffing Patterns including trends and averages by day of week for factors such as ratios (for the day and shift), breakdowns by position/classification, source of staff, hours per workload indicator (HPPD).
  • Absenteeism by unit and person, associated with days off, overtime, denied requests, and other worrisome attendance patterns along with Identification and analysis of risky staffing practices, such as fatigue risk and unhealthy shift rotations.
  • Compliance with mandatory requirements such as professional registration and licensing, metrics for accreditation.

Data is updated real-time behind the scenes without human intervention. The Analytics Portal can be provided via Analysis as a Service (AaaS).
  • Configurable Dashboards
You can view retrospective, real-time and prospective reporting, along with online drill-downs to investigate the source and reason for problems.

We hold a wealth of data regarding your rostering practices, including:

  • Roster balance, skill coverage, equity and cost.
  • Trending of agency/registry/locum use and costs, along with reconciliation of their invoices.
  • Financial analysis of labour costs.
  • Configurable to your Key Performance Indicators without vendor intervention or technical knowledge.
  • Comparison of budget targets and actual performance in dollars, hours, FTEs, and hours per workload indicator (HPPD).
  • User-definable stoplights to warn of departments that fall outside desired parameters.
  • Data Exchange
We provide easy integration with existing HRIS, payroll, financial and clinical systems, including:

  • Incoming data from your HR, or Recruitment and Onboarding systems.
  • Outgoing data on rostering practices to Data Warehouses in a variety of formats.
  • Incoming workload statistics from Clinical Systems to calculate labour costs and hours per unit of service.
  • Incoming workload projections to anticipate staffing requirements and roster accordingly.
  • Incoming and outgoing exchange data with Financial Systems.
  • Workforce Data Management
Our highly flexible, staff database can capture and report data on employees under awards or contractual arrangements of any complexity, as well as volunteers.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Demographics, skills and capabilities.
  • Roster preferences and patterns, to assist in the planning and creation of rosters.
  • Attendance at unit-based training and staff meetings.
  • Records of mandatory requirements and compliance by individual and department.
  • Consulting Services
How we can help…
Labour is the Key Driver of Costs. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to identify business practices that impact cost and the source and reason for poor staffing decisions.
  • Track costs that are most problematic so you know prospectively when costs fall outside your desired performance.
  • Trend costly practices by shift and day of week, to highlight where changes would be most beneficial.
  • Monitor use of casual, agency and locum staff, and the reasons for their use.
  • Alert you to patterns of absenteeism by individual and unit, in conjunction with days off, overtime, and call-backs.
  • Trend units/departments to highlight whether interventions are having the desired outcomes.
  • Compare units/departments in order to alert you to those that need your attention.
Rethinking your Business Processes
PolyOptimum has a wealth of experience in rostering and staffing practices. We can analyse your current practices and recommend ways to incorporate available technology to streamline your rostering process. After our assessment, we recommend a software configuration and processes to capture your current state and move to your desired future state.

We have tools for simulating alternative shift lengths, starting times and skill mix that can be used in workplace redesign and union negotiations.
  • Cloud Solutions
As a Microsoft Partner, PolyOptimum can provide a secure hosting service using the Microsoft Azure platform located within North American or Australian regions.
We know maintaining an on-premise IT infrastructure can be challenging and costly, with system and hardware upgrades. PolyOptimum can manage the infrastructure, upgrades, maintenance of databases and scaling for system performance needs.

If desired, we can manage administration of the system, reporting and the management of interfacing between systems, including Payroll.

You can choose On-Premise, in the Cloud, Software as a Service, and Analysis as a Service.
As your business partner, we expand your capability and full utilisation of your mission critical software tools.